Academy Museum Acquires Dracula's Cape, Big Lebowski Robe

Still from Dracula, 1931. Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLC and Margaret Herrick Library
The family of Bela Lugosi has given the cape worn in the 1931 Dracula to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The actor retained ownership of the cape and used it in personal appearances.

Meanwhile the Museum has announced purchases of a number of other well-known costumes, including Gene Kelly's sweater and slacks from An American in Paris (1951); Jack Nicholson's crimson jacket from The Shining (1980); Susan Sarandon's waitress uniform from Thelma and Louise (1991); and Jeff Bridges' robe and shorts from The Big Lebowski (1998).
Robe and shorts from The Big Lebowski, 1998. Photo by Joshua White, JW Pictures (c) Academy Museum Foundation