MOCA's 40th Birthday Gifts

MOCA's 40th year has been an active one for acquisitions. Gifts and purchases range from a 1963 stainless steel sculpture by Beverly Pepper to new work by established artists and buzzy newcomers: Larry Bell, Sadie Bening, Diedrick Brackens, Kitty Brophy, Christina Quarles, Paul Sietsema, D'Angelo Lovell Williams, and Xu Zhen (the levitating performance, In Just a Blink of an Eye). At top is a witty collage, I Own a Morandi (2009), by an artist I never would have guessed: Noah Davis.

Commissioned for the Grand Avenue plaza, Larry Bell's red cubes have made sunset the magic hour in Bunker Hill. Bill and Coo at MOCA's Nest is a gift of museum Trustee Carol Appel and husband David Appel.
Larry Bell, Bill and Coo at MOCA's Nest, 2019. Photo by Zak Kelley
Beverly Pepper, Untitled Stainless Steel, 1963
Christina Quarles, Bad Air/Yer Grievances, 2018

Zoe Leonard, Wax Anatomical Model With Pretty Face, 1990
Sadie Benning, Blow Up #18, 2018. Purchased with funds provided by Judy Fiskin

D'Angelo Lovell Williams, Structural Dishonesty, 2016

Xu Zhen, In Just a Blink of an Eye, 2005-2019. Photo by Myles Pettengill
Diedrick Brackens, Immersion Circle, 2019
Larry Bell, Bill and Coo at MOCA's Nest (detail), 2019. Photo by Zak Kelley


Anonymous said…
MOCA needs to expand their gallery space on Bunker Hill. Although the Broad is larger, even it can be walked through way too quickly. But with MOCA across the street, their square footage comes off like merely an appetizer. However, free daily admission to MOCA (supposedly starting in 2020) should help take some of the sting out of "is that all there is?"

Of course, if the museum both reduces display space and also runs up the budget, as another LA museum is doing, that will be the worst of all worlds.