Groundhog Day (Riverside Edition)

"Riverside has a real chance to emerge as one of the most important arts centers in the United States, and maybe even around the world."

—Cheech Marin in The New York Times, June 14, 2022

[The Cheech is] "actually perfectly situated because I think that Riverside is positioned to be the next big art town."

—Cheech Marin, the Riverside Press-Enterprise, June 12, 2022

"I think it'll be the next big art town. It's set up to do that."

—Cheech Marin, ArtNews, Nov. 9, 2021


Anonymous said…
The notion of a museum/cultural institution affecting a community makes me wonder if a museum can affect social-cultural-political discourse or influence public perception.

People into forms of new, hip-trendy, contemporary art (less so modern art) are going to be very uneasy about the Lucas Museum. Visa versa, too.
Anonymous said…
This is not a new edition of Groundhog Day because no one before Cheech Martin ever considered Riverside to be an arts destination.
If it can happen in Marfa, TX, it can happen anywhere.
Anonymous said…
Good for him! They said the same thing about LA