NHMLA Expansion Tops Out

NHM Commons. Rendering by Frederick Fisher and Partners, Studio MLA, and Studio Joseph. Courtesy NHMLA

NHM Commons—Frederick Fisher and Partners' $75 million expansion to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles—has topped out. The glass-enclosed wing will offer visitors free admission to a 70-ft.-long Diplodocus skeleton and Barbara Carrasco's mural L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective.

A lot is happening in Exposition Park. The California African American Museum, closed for upgrades, reopens Aug. 5, 2023. NHM Commons is expected to open late 2024, in advance of the adjacent Lucas Museum of Narrative Art's 2025 debut.


Anonymous said…
I notice the America History of Natural History recently opened its expansion, and its curvy, organic design reminds me a bit of the curvy interiors (at least lobby) of Ma Yansong's incomplete Lucas Museum and Antoni Gaudi's cathedral in Barcelona.


In terms of museums (and their becoming like theme or amusement parks), the natural-history one in Orlando, France may be a bit below that of the one in Anaheim, New York.


LACMA really needed to do something about its 1965-1986 buildings, but their Santa-Monica-Pier budget is stretched to the breaking point when attempting a Louvre World or Metland makeover.

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