$25 Million Bequest to MoLAA

Long Beach's Museum of Latin American Art has received a $25 million endowment from the estate of late founder Dr. Robert Gumbiner, reports the LA Times. Though not enough to cover the museum's expenses in perpetuity, the gift surely enhances MoLAA's prospects for medium- to long-term survival. Another Gumbiner project, the Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum, is set to open this summer near MoLAA.


Donald Frazell said…
MoLAA is the best new museum in LA in decades, and involves the community. It will be interesting to see the new Island museum when it opens, especialy with the large Philipino and Samoan populations in the LBC.

Dr Grumbiner was a great man, who wanted to add to other peoples lives through medicine and art. Eli Broad and others are simply building mausoleums to their supposed greatness, robber barons of the late 20th cetnruy, more pyrmnids to his grandeur, empty fo meaning and purpose, yet to come.

Art comes from everywhere, most certainly not focused in lands of wealth, who can simply buy from all over the world, but not necessarily create it itself, as has been proven repeatedly over the last 50 years.

art collegia delenda est