Who's Afraid of Christoph Büchel?

The latest bombshell from Tyler Green's interview with Paul Schimmel: MOCA plans a 2010 earthwork show featuring a large-scale project by Christoph Büchel in the Mojave Desert. In 2007 Mass MoCA pulled the plug on Büchel's installation "Training Ground for Democracy" (detail, above) after it ran over budget, and then briefly showed parts of the unfinished work against the artist's wishes. Neither the museum nor the artist came off especially well. Some predicted it would be a long time before Büchel got another big commission. Schimmel says that curator Philipp Kaiser is "real confident that working together they can do something that works within the budgetary and the practical constraints."


Donald Frazell said…
Great more monuments to individual vanity out destroying out fragile desert, an ecosystem that will never recover from this arrogant nonsense. This is not art, it is decadence and a remnant of the Age of Excess and Meism. It must be stopped, resources are scarce, and you who love to cry about it the most are among its worst offenders.

art collegia delenda est

Is CK really a Brady? Seems apporpriate. Empty headed nonsense, the lowest common denominator of the rich and vain, art has no relevance to 99% of humanity anymore and so is not art at all.
Grow up.

art collegia delenda est
"...practical constraints."

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