Burgundy “Mourners” Coming to LACMA

LACMA has added "The Mourners: Tomb Sculpture from the Court of Burgundy" to its slate of upcoming exhibitions. It's a show of echt-gothic alabaster figurines from the tomb of Burgundian duke John the Fearless, most from the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon. Some are attributed to Jean de la Huerta and Antoine le Moiturier (shown, Mourner with a Drawn Hood, Holding a Rosary). During renovation, Dijon is sending its mourners on the road, to New York's Metropolitan Museum and six other American venues. LACMA's participation is notable because (a) it would appear to be the first serious show of medieval European sculpture ever at the museum, which doesn't have much of a medieval collection; and (b) the show is also going to San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor. As everyone in Cali knows, major Euro-centric shows never go to SF and LA.
Caveat: The dates, May 8 to July 21, 2011, are marked as tentative. Who knows where the economy, and LACMA's balance sheets, will be two years from now?