Lost in Translation

MOCA supplies this view of its new Pacific Design Center exhibition, "Folly — The View From Nowhere." It features a folly commissioned from architects Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena. The Western folly apparently has its origins in Buddhist stupas, reliquary structures with a central pillar connecting heaven and earth. Western architects bastardized the idea, then took it as license to go nuts. Among the results were Margate, New Jersey's still-commercially viable Lucy the Elephant and L.A.'s Randy's Donuts. The show should strike a chord in L.A. architecture circles.


Donald Frazell said…
Finish as a fetish. Sigh, When will substance, and man and woman, ever return?
Check out my blog for the answer to architectural monstrosities and sculptural mistaken identity. Back to fundamentals children, you are way off the path to enlightenment, or relevance.

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