The Broad's Cruz-Diez Crosswalk Might Be a Keeper

KCET reports that Broad staff will meet with city officials to discuss the fate of Carlos Cruz-Diez crosswalk, Couleur Additive. Commissioned as the Broad's contribution to PST LA/LA, it was permitted for a six-month period that ends in March.

Cruz-Diez's crosswalk has been a popular favorite, inspiring selfies and wedding photos. If it's not quite Urban Light, it's pretty good for an idea plus a few gallons of paint. The Broad does not otherwise have any public art, and neither does Disney Hall. A controversial plan to install a 65-foot high Collar and Bow by Claes Oldenberg and Cossje van Bruggen at Disney Hall was abandoned a decade ago.

One supporter of the crosswalk is Gustavo Dudamel, a friend of the Cruz-Diez family. Dudamel told Broad curator Ed Schad: "I'm very proud to walk over these crosswalks to work when I go into Disney Hall."
Photo: Articruz