Getty Villa Loan: An Augustan Portrait

The Getty Villa is showing this portrait of a young woman, a loan from the Frederick Iseman Art Trust. The hairstyle dates it to the time of Augustus and Livia. The head originally fit into a larger statue. Pierced earlobes indicate it was once adorned with real earrings. 


A splendid bust.
Interesting that the woman's hairstyle allows one to date the work to "the time of Augustus and Livia."
Never immersed in the finer points of ancient Roman biograhies, I would certainly have liked to know exactly what that time was.
Enter Wiki, for what it's worth:
She died, aged 87, in 29 AD. She was the great-grandmother of the emperor Caligula, grandmother of the emperor Claudius, and the great-great-grandmother of the emperor Nero.