MOCA to Reopen Geffen, Show Collection

In an interview with Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes, MOCA's Paul Schimmel is announcing plans to show the permanent collection at both the California Plaza and Geffen buildings. Abstract Expressionism to Pop will occupy about two-thirds of the main building, while Conceptualism onward will fill about one-third of the Geffen. This quiets speculation that the Geffen's current shut-down would extend indefinitely.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the pop. Pssst.: "Schimmel." This comment will self-destruct.
Donald Frazell said…
Exactly what I said must happen, with a lot of brownnosing trying to cover up how they are truly shifting emphasis. Not able to show old works, what nonsense. Nail it up, stop wasting space wiht acres of empty wall space trying to make some silly nonsense appear important. Art will hold its own no matter how it is presented, all this "curator" and "gallerist" garbage is art school crap to employ lots of losers.

MoCA will now to back to basics, thank god. Though I heard they sold a Pollock long ago, with no outcry, using it for expenses(parties), need to catalog and invetory everything they got from Panza, bet some is missing. Damn they screwed over that man. Buncha shady characters over there.

And not, critics dont matter, had like 3k signatures to protest when claiming they culd easily get 10k, no one cares. Contempt art is over, its absurdist entertainment for the rich and spoiled children. No one gives a damn. It has nothing to do with the broad specturm of American life, let alone all of humanity, it regressed into smaller and smaller cirlces to promote itself, to the tens of thousands of brainwashed children "edumucated" every year in art schools.

What a waste. Lets see if they follow through, with new leaderships that has some dealings with the real world they probably will. They have no choice. But in this interview the guy is sugarcoating it for the consumption of the Neverland inhabitants, read through it, what he is doing and what he is saying are two different things, but an art school education wont enable one to actually have developed reading comprehension, too busy deconsructing it into what they want to hear. Losers.

art collegia delenda est
Unknown said…
Oh my god. Is nowhere safe from Donald Frazell? Why doesn't this guy get his own site and stop comment-jacking everyone else?
Donald Frazell said…
Because you are to weak to allow comment son yours. Coward, cant take the light of day to show up your shallow thoughts. Your day is over, Contempt art is dead, though it never was truly alive, the games and illustrations of self absorbed children is over. Time to put aside childish things.