Wild Thing

No word yet from Police Chief Bratton on Westwood's new bronze monument, Process Art (Dead Men Don't Make Sculpture). The 2008 Nathan Mabry work, currently installed outside the Hammer Museum bookstore, mashes up Rodin's Thinker with Basil Wolverton's pop-eyed, slack-tongued freaks. Mabry was one of the thingmeisters in the Hammer's already classic 2005 "Thing: New Sculpture from Los Angeles." Process Art is a joint acquisition of the Hammer and the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, where it debuted in May 2008.


Donald Frazell said…
Uh, he has a job, got better and much more important things to do than look at glorified toys. This should have been 6" tall and made of plastic, where it could have been placed on dashboards of pseudo intellectual artistes instead of the pink plastic Jesus of their emotional level religious kin.

sigh, such a waste
our Age of Excess is over you know.
art collegia delenda est

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