The Art of Noise

Suddenly, MOCA's got an exhibition schedule again. It looks as ambitious as ever. Planned through 2012 are Geffen-sized surveys of land art and Latin American light and space; retrospectives of William Leavitt, Jack Goldstein, and Mike Kelley (not to mention Arshile Gorky, previously announced). Among the quirkier choices is "Iannis Xenakis: Composer, Architect, Visionary," to be shown at the Pacific Design Center. Xenakis started as an assistant to Le Courbusier and became a math-obsessed composer, John Cage with a twist of Alfred Jensen. Among his creations was UPIC, a computer that converted visual images to sound (the idea is the opposite of the sort of synesthesia that intrigued Kandinsky, and which was the subject of MOCA's 2005 "Visual Music.") Much of Xenakis' music is available online. Below is his Metastasis.


Donald Frazell said…
Why is it that visual artists, and even dancers, are so damn ignorant of music? Sounds like a B movie horror intro into a string glocknspiel orchestra by soft swiss dadaists, the ones who were decadent scared draft doders, not war vets with something to say like the German's Grolz and Dix.

Start learnig music, start with Bird, Trane and Miles, and then Coleman and Dolphy and even electronicaly Jaco Pastorius. Especially relevant as kids stuff to the album of Improvising Artists, Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Paul Bley, and not sure the drummer, maybe Altschul. Though Pastorius eponymnous first album with the like of Herbie Hancock, wayne Shorter, Hubert Laws adn myraid other great musicians kicks this craps ass. Miles Davis, In A Silent Way, light years beyond this nonsense.

This is childsplay, no life experience to it, all sitting around in ivory towers daydreaming of a life they dont truly have.

Boring. And completely irrelevant to life.

art collegia delenda est
Anonymous said…
Why is it that horrible artists, such as Donald Frazell, are so damn ignorant--period?
Donald Frazell said…
Deep, well thought out analysis, filled with insight, passion and hard fought knowledge. LOL!
art a la mode said…
I love Xenakis!!
Ohh, and Donald Frazell does not know what he's talking about
Donald Frazell said…
Ah, to be 20, and completely ignorant of the world. No one is an adult til at least 25, my youngest messed up with your attitude thinking he knew everything, and at a JC now instead of playing ball at a Pac 10school like his friends. My eldest gradauted from Annapolis and about to go to Med school. He is 25, and just recently gave him the honor of being called a Man. Few make, it, most never grow up. Especially artistes.

I am glad you have searched SOOO hard to learn the worlds musics and arts, havee come to such hardship and self criticism discovering what is the highest of mankinds creative endeavors, and not settled on the least because its "fun" and makes you feel good. Oh, my bad.

art a la mode said…
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art a la mode said…

In my neighborhood of first generation Mexican families, most people don't know how to appreciate an art museum. No matter if we're talking about your fancy or mine. I at least know how important Xenakis was to architecture, his heroic participation on battle, and his avant-garde musical compositions. I have an uncanny love for mathematic, this is why I love Xenakis.

I'm happy to know that your son made it to 25, and his educational background.

I'm proud of what I know, and that which I have a passion for.

I'm proud of never being trapped in drugs or gangs like many other teenagers in my neighborhood. I rather spend my time reading, endlessly, that which you trash.


Sometimes, we all have to acknowledge that time moves forward!
Donald Frazell said…
It is a big world son, get out and learn some of it. Find what bonds us as a common humanity, what inspires us, what fufills our souls. This takes time, experience, and sensitivity to nature, and seperating our individuals feelings from common passions we all share.

There are over 6 billion people, get out there, the countless cultures and ways of living, none necessarily better than another. Artists matter no more or less than sheep herders, we all have a roll in life, we must fulfill that function to be a part of humanity.

I have mentored many kids through tavel basketball, some falling back, others moving on into a part of our culture, getting over their personal issues and fixations on thier own tender "feelings'. one msut get over those, they are small and irrelevant. Its part of growing into a responsible adult. And there is no true freedom without responsibility.

Xenakis is irrelevant, it has no connection to humanity, to a developed culture, a language of mind, body and soul. Its cute, silly, clever, and completely irrelevant. You are fine for 20, but no one is a true adult to a minimum of 25. Keep going, you will get there, but have much to learn. Good luck/

art collegia delenda est
Donald Frazell said…
My apologies sweetness, didnt realize you were a cute girl. Time for some adult music, try Miles Davis', My Funny Valentine and Sketches of Spain, women love those two, and for a vocalist Cassandra wilson from the mid 90s, Blue Light Before Dawn and/or New Moon Daughter,

Its time to move beyond Grammys nonsense, and alternative adolescent views. Try it, i guarantee you will like it. There is a huge world out there. Time to sample, thats what one does at you age, not decide what is best. No one at 20 has a clue as to what that is. What makes you feel better is seldom great, or whats for good for us. Feeling good is a pacifier, warriors and artists do,truth our only goal. And Us is always the key, the goal, the meaning and purpose of creative art. Entertainment is the lowest common denominator, art the highest.

Have a nice day!