LACMA = Laughingstock?

One Boston blogger is really steamed over LACMA's January sale of a German renaissance portrait by the relatively obscure Christoph Amberger. A recent post on "AndrewAndJoshua" reads like a manifesto for the world's smallest tea party movement:

Any American museum that would sell an Amberger painting—let alone an important Amberger painting—is, by definition, a laughingstock.

And who at LACMA made the boneheaded decision to sell such a rare work of art…? The blame may be placed on Patrice Marandel, LACMA’s Chief Curator Of Painting… Marandel’s statement [explaining the sale] may constitute the single most stupid public utterance ever made by an American museum official.

All persons involved in approving the sale of this rarest of paintings, including the Museum Director, Michael Govan, should be removed, immediately, from their positions.