Lost in Translation

Clever: At LACMA's gift shop for "John Baldessari: Pure Beauty," erasers bearing the word WRONG.
Not so clever: At the Met's shop for "Picasso in the Metropolitan Museum," similar erasers imprinted with a Picasso signature.


tariq14639 said…
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Donald Frazell said…
If i use the eraser on his "works", will two wrongs make a right?
Conceptualism isnt very intelligent, its all about appearances, cleverness is for those of weak minds, Artists are those who translate the essence of living into visual languages, who can process broad streams of information, have experienced the world, and can trigger passions in the viewer. Mind, body and soul.

The eraser heads of the world live a small and insignificant existence, and are but jesters for their masters.Artist know they dont matter, but what they can contribute to humanity, reveal of nature, and feel of god does.

Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories of mental midgets.