Outside the Box at the Japanese Pavilion

Bruce Goff's organic architecture was made to complement the nature-inspired art in LACMA's Japanese Pavilion. Conservation practice has interposed a profusion of little Lucite boxes between Goff and old Japan. It's welcome news that LACMA is showing its spectacular new Haniwa Horse on a rectangular catwalk, vitrine-free, with no reflections. It becomes only the third free-standing statue in the Pavilion, joining two wood (human) Bosatsus of c. 1100 and later 12th century.
Also on view is the comparably rare set of Oribe plates (below), probably too pocketable to show without glazing.


Donald Frazell said…
Love the horse, like the plates, hate the building. Ugly puke green styrofoam color we built model houses of in middle school shop class. Badly built, and terribly lit. I know you have to protect the great art within, but tacky is tacky. just paint the place and will be at least nice and comfortable and strongly Masculine, as Japanese art is. not weak and feminine like chinese, which wallows in sublimity.if such a word exists, it is perfect.