Lucas Museum Lends African-American Works

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has recently made an effort to acquire figurative works by Harlem Renaissance and contemporary black artists. A few examples are now on view in a small show at the California African American Museum. "The Notion of Family," a thematic installation of works from the CAAM permanent collection, incorporates several loans from the Lucas collection: photographs by Gordon Parks and Carrie Mae Weems plus a painting by Kadir Nelson, Stickballers (2016).

Nelson is a contemporary illustrator in the Norman Rockwell sense, known especially for his New Yorker covers. Stickballers is part of a series of independent paintings imagining life in the Harlem Renaissance era. Nelson reprised the stickball theme for an April 2018 New Yorker cover.


Anonymous said…
Stickballers is a really good piece. The detail and technical skill are great.

Although I like MOCA and the Broad, it's not quite as interesting standing for more than a few minutes in front of canvases of mainly large fields of non-figurative color. Even people who favor the avant garde over "fusty" probably will end up spending more time in the Lucas than the galleries of - for example - the Marciano or Hammer.