PST Next

In The Art Newspaper, Jori Finkel has an exit interview with Deborah Marrow, outgoing director of the Getty Foundation. Finkel asks about the next Pacific Standard Time and Marrow offers this hint:

"I think it should be thematic, not geographic, so we don’t keep roving around the world—that can get a little boring and it’s harder to make a topic like that relevant to Los Angeles."

Any bright ideas for a theme? Feel free to post in the comments.

(Shown: Daniel Joseph Martinez's The House America Built, 2004-2017, in LACMA's 2017 "Home—So Different, So Appealing," part of PST: LA/LA.)


Anonymous said…
Maybe something around the role of technology and/or the media. That would allow them to play into Getty strength's like photography and conservation. It would allow for shows around the usage of industrial/automotive/entertainment technologies to make and distribute art. They could touch on a lot around the birth of mass media, JPL, LACMA's art and technology initiatives, video art, Finish Fetish, conceptual photography, new media art, etc.

Or maybe Education - the strength of LA's art schools, formal and informal, the networks from that, the cross-pollination and connections, and tie that into broader education initiatives.