Pereira LACMA to Close by Sep. 2019

The clock is ticking for LACMA's original campus. The museum's updated website gives closing dates for the few remaining permanent collection galleries. The Hammer Building's Korean galleries are to close July 27, 2019. Modern art, in the Ahmanson Building, closes Sep. 2, 2019.

The Art of the Americas Building has one more show after "3D: Double Vision": "Eleanor Antin: Time's Arrow," running May 12–July 7, 2019.

Demolition of the William Pereira and Hardy Hozman Pfeiffer buildings is expected in 2020. Michael Govan recently projected an early 2024 opening for the Peter Zumthor building that is to replace them.


Anonymous said…
About time. The George Lucas and Academy museum should keep everyone occupied til then.
Anonymous said…
Good thing that people wish LACMA be trapped in red ink for decades.

The mighty Metropolian couldn't even financially handle its takeover of the Whitney's former home designed by Marcel Breuer.

A museum always struggling with its budget will be Michael Govan's and Peter Zumthor's lasting legacy.

But at least LACMA's collections are on par with those of the Metropolitan. Yea, uh-huh, right.
Anonymous said…
The Metropolitan has a 100 year headstart before LACMA so, of course, its collections are better. I wish LACMA would start using its art as a revenue source to help fund this development. For example, why did LACMA feel the need to close the Rain Room when it was selling out everyday?
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A tragedy upon a tragedy. The Pereira building is a stunning icon in and of itself. Now to be replaced by an ugly, flat cough drop. Fuck Geffen up his ass for elevating this shit-stain Zumthor. The Pereira building has an elegance and dignity that the Cough Drop will never have. So SICK of this goofy , weak design style driven by a cad program instead of architectural language
The wholesale hack job of LACMA is guided by money. One of the most important site specific Calder installations is now subject to the whims of those who have never created anything that did not involve a massively inflated salary for themselves. This is nothing more than an amusement park in the guise of a museum. I can’t imagine what a visit will set one back post completion. I am certain that it will be outrageous.

I’ll pass…