LACMA Will Lend 7 European Paintings to Getty

LACMA will lend seven important European paintings to the Getty Museum during construction of its Peter Zumthor-designed permanent collection building. The one loan identified (in a press release on the Rembrandt in Southern California website) is Rembrandt's Portrait of Marten Looten (1632). Once owned by J. Paul Getty, it was donated to the Los Angeles County Museum in 1953, the year before Getty established his private museum.


Anonymous said…
I guess the Zumthor/Govan travesty is actually happening
Anonymous said…
Would be better if the entire collection of LACMA were loaned to the Getty, permanently.

The wreckage of the museum on Wilshire is a disgrace. Therefore, its possessions should be kept as far away as possible from the irresponsible mits of Micheal Govan and (in effect) his board of trustees.
ماليزيا said…
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