Quote of the Day: Jeffrey Deitch

“I didn’t confide in too many people, but people warned me, ‘You cannot go there,’ They had very specific reasons why I could not go there, which I don’t want to go into… I was like, ‘I’m not going to have a problem.’ But it was much deeper than I ever would have anticipated. Vicious.”
—Jeffrey Deitch, on the MOCA years

Maxwell Williams profiles Deitch for KCET. Deitch faults MOCA's "disgruntled and angry" board and the L.A. Times for his rocky tenure ("I don’t really want to go into all this, because one of my ethics in life is keep it positive.”)


Anonymous said…
Why can't LACMA's board do to its current director what MOCA's board did to Deitch?

Aren't there nice places to retire to in Hawaii, Monte Carlo, the Bahamas?

Travel agencies and real estate agents, please start sending your brochures to 5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Anonymous said…
They got rid of a perfectly capable leader in Philippe Vergne for stupid catty reasons. It’s clearly the board at MOCA that needs to thrown out and replaced if they can’t keep a director for more than a year.

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