Florida Man Reviews Art Basel

Some locally sourced Yelp reviews of Art Basel Miami Beach—

What a crock of crap!


Maybe 5% of the art was worth glossing over and studying. The rest I could only conclude were the creations of the emotionally disturbed and mentally ill.

 What happened to the Michael Angelo's of the world?

Sean M., Golden Beach, FL

I have to say a good 75% was outright ridiculous. 
Elly D., Miami

Where is the creativity??? This was excrement! Pure excrement!
Emme R., Hialeah, FL

(Shown: Maurizio Cattelan's Comedian, 2019)


Anonymous said…
A lot of contemporary art is the flip side of a Norman Rockwell, pre-Raphealites or, truly insipid, William Kinkaide.

However, even Kinkaide at least shows some technical prowess or skills. A lot of oh-so-hip-and-cool contemporary "artists" don't show even that or at least some purely clever/creative skill too.

It's like the dumbing down of the already dumbed down.

Anonymous said…
I'm beginning to better understand why Govan/Zumthor, the board of trustees of LACMA and local politicians are so insane and irresponsible. They reflect the larger world of art and culture.

"Let them eat cake." Or a banana.


Then on Saturday, at around 1:45pm, the art world was shocked when a random man, allegedly a performance artist, ate said duct-taped banana that sold earlier this week for $120,000.

Whereas the "art" world was briefly outraged after the 120,000 rotting banana was calmly eaten, unaware that they themselves were the joke, normals argued this piece is a perfect representation of what the art world has become with its gaping wealth inequalities and where idiotic "art" such as a banana duct taped to a wall sells for $120,000. Others, however, chose not to go as deep and appreciate the simplicity of the art piece. Yet others blamed the Fed for flooding the world with so much money that a banana duct taped to a wall was actually bought by someone for $120,000.
Anonymous said…
Dieter Roth had edible items produced as art. Most of times, these were encaged.
The mere fact, that an item is in a museum, is not enough from the risk of being consumed. Bet, there will be greater commotion if someone tries to eat my "all humans are equal"

kind regards, and happy days, from Drager Meurtant