Holiday Break

Posting will be light to null through New Year's Day. (Shown: Death of a Christmas Tree, 1941, by Ruth Miller Kempster. Kempster was among the rediscoveries of this year's "Something Revealed: California Women Artists Emerge, 1860-1960" at the Pasadena Museum of History.)

In the mean time, here are the most popular posts of 2019.

10. Huntington to Show Yiadom-Boakye, Akunyili Crosby
9. Pereira LACMA to Close by Sep. 2019
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7. The Broad's Veil Goes Opaque
6. The Painting Behind the Sopranos' Bed Is at the Getty
5. Marciano Math
4. Getty Buys a Veit Stoss; Seeks a Wright of Derby
3. Zumthor Speaks: LACMA to Be an "Asylum for Homeless Objects"
2. Zumthor LACMA Has a New Shape
1. Zumthor Downsizes LACMA 10%


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