Carlos Cruz-Diez's Street Art

Carlos Cruz-Diez's crosswalk installation, Couleur Additive, is on view at Grand Ave. and Second St, between the Broad and Disney Hall. Cruz-Diez has done these crosswalks around the globe, but this looks to be one of the most successful as to color, architecture, and urban ambiance. The piece opens Tuesday (Sep. 5). These photos were taken Sunday and may not quite represent the finished state.

Below are former Cruz-Diez crosswalks in Miami Beach (2010) and Houston (2011).
Cruz-Diez is also featured in the Palm Springs Art Museum's PST show, "Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art, 1954-1969" (through Jan. 15, 2018). Shown at bottom is Chromosaturation, 1965/2010. (The photo is from MOCA's 2010 "Suprasensorial.")