Getty to Show Three Caravaggio Paintings

The Borghese Gallery has announced that it will be lending three of its Caravaggio paintings to the Getty Museum for an exhibition that opens Nov. 21, 2017. All three paintings are famous: Boy with Basket of Fruit (1593-4), Saint Jerome (1606), and David with the Head of Goliath (1606).

The Caravaggio display will overlap the Getty's "Giovanni Bellini: Landscapes of Faith in Renaissance Venice" (Oct. 10, 2017–Jan. 14, 2018). Has any American museum ever managed to have a Caravaggio show and a Bellini show running simultaneously? These aren't even the main event. The Getty's big fall shows, part of PST LA/LA, survey ancient American gold, Brazilian and Argentinian geometric abstraction, and Argentinian photography.