Quote of the Day: Stefan Simchowitz

"…if another person asks me to get them a Jen Guidi I think I might just vomit in my bed. This is a message to all you mediocre overly enriched white folks whose lives are an expensive and overpriced crate and barrel commercial, whose love for buying something they can attempt to sell next week for double whilst living the pretense of being a collector on the board of some museum or another whilst further enriching yourselves on the most bland form of art commerce currently known to man, EFF OFF. Just EFF the hell OFF."

"Jennifer Guidi is perfectly positioned to be the Kusama brand, but without the 50 years of creation, and a mental hospital. It’s presented in a box with a bow on it."

(At top, Guidi's Seen in Stillness [Universe Mandala SF #5G Rose, Black Sand], 2017)