Lucas Museum Bought a Painting from Bill Cosby

Archibald J. Motley, Jr., Stomp, 1927. Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
I'm guessing the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is the first to preview its collection at Comic-Con. In a panel in San Diego yesterday, three Lucas curators gave a slideshow of LMNA acquisitions, among them an Archibald Motley with a somewhat alarming provenance. Stomp (1927) was formerly in the collection of Bill Cosby and wife Camille. It was in the Smithsonian show that opened just as rape allegations against its celebrity lender made headlines.

Stomp is as good a jazz-age scene from Motley as you could ask for. There is no other painting by the artist in an L.A. collection.


Anonymous said…
Good for them.

From the Lucas to the Broad, from Disney Hall to the Colburn, from the Petersen to the AMPAS museum, who'd have ever thought that LACMA would end up being the fly in the ointment, the pending spoilsport in the cultural life of the community.
Anonymous said…
@anonymous ...And then people wonder why collectors rather open their own private museum than donate it to the public museum and have their collection just sit in storage.
Anonymous said…
I notice the LA Times yesterday published a letter from its former architecture critic, Sam Hall Kaplan, which takes Michael Govan and Peter Zumthor to task for what they're trying to do to LACMA.

All the goodwill that people like George Lucas and Eli Broad, etc, have helped or are helping foster in the city is being destroyed by key figures at LACMA and by the Board of Supervisors.

What's that phrase about holding a special place in hell for such folks?