Pay $3 Million or We Sell This Kandinsky

Looks like Dennis Szakacs has competition for art-selling villain du jour. Long Beach City Councilman Patrick O'Donnell is talking of selling artwork if the Long Beach Museum of Art doesn't meet a $3 million bond payment due this September. It's not likely to have it — LBMA's finances are a train wreck. Hence O'Donnell's ultimatum: the City of Long Beach holds the deed to that part of the museum's permanent collection acquired before 1985. That includes the Milton Wichner trove of Bauhaus-era modernism.


Donald Frazell said…
The artistes who ran this museum into the ground, buying academic crap that no one goes to see, are the villains. They took city monies, and donors, and wasted it for years for their own concepts of artsyfarsty living. No one goes, only for music, weddings, adn coffee after walking ro running the bluffs.

Its a beautiful house, wasted on incompetents, a terrible collection considering how long it has been there. And this stuff is run of the mill Kandinsky works,and mediocre jawlensky stuff. No Klees, so I dont care.

Sell it, there are thousands of homeless to look after. These piceces of paper wont be destroyed, get over yourselves. Life will go on. Except for those whose lives are being destroyed everyday by the same patrons of teh arts who created this finanical disaster, far from hitting bottom yet. Art is for the living, go get a life.

art collegia delenda est