Quote of the Day: Tim Schneider

"…here’s one thing I’ve learned about most, if not all, very successful entrepreneurs: They can’t un-see opportunities to gain an advantage—financial or otherwise—any more than you or I could un-see two octogenarians humping each other like wild animals on a retirement-home bingo table. This means that many of these wealthy donors—or at least many of the most consequential of them today—have a disturbing tendency to treat philanthropy like a business proposition."

Tim Scheider on the Broad's $25 tickets for "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors"


Anonymous said…
Would have been more interesting if Tim Schneider did an assessment of what a former chief executive of the Getty Trust did to the Getty Museum before his leaving over 10 years ago. At least set against the backdrop of that museum's recent acquisition and others since after 2006.

The question will always linger of what opportunities were lost forever to the museum due to that ex-executive's greed and incompetent management of the Getty before his departure.

More annoyingly, that same person is listed as on the board of the Broad Museum. Does Eli Broad know and realize that person's history? Or have people like Eli Broad excused the former head of the Getty because that individual knows the meaning of "is" is?

As for the Metropolitan, it would have been more helpful if the article linked to something like this instead of a "doesn't tell me a darn thing" clip from a movie.

Anonymous said…
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