The Sphere Rises

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' sphere, more properly the David Geffen Theater, is now under construction.

The sphere was the cause of Zoltan Pali's departure from the Renzo Piano-helmed project. Piano loved the sphere. Pali objected that a "glass ball in Los Angeles" would be expensive to cool and an inefficient use of space. "Theaters are boxes for a reason."

Academy Museum director Kerry Brougher told Variety that building the sphere "is not going to be the easiest thing in the world."


The Dreamer said…
I can't believe they're actually go through with this. First of all, this museum should've been built in Hollywood. Secondly, this sphere doesn't complement the Streamline Moderne motif of the original building it's attached to. It's looks like some shiny cancerous growth.
Anonymous said…
Form over function.

Or the creative whims of Piano, who already created a big nothing a few dozen feet to the east with the Broad at LACMA. Even worse, Piano's work will hurt the budget of AMPAS.

Sort of similar to what Michel Govan wants to do with his and Zumthor's smash-and-burn approach to redoing the County Museum of Art.

Zack said…
Excited for this! Looks like it will be a beautiful building.

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