Holiday Hiatus

Posting will be light-to-none through the new year.

Meanwhile, here are the most shared Los Angeles County Museum on Fire posts of 2018:

Getty Launches African American Art History Initiative, Acquires Betye Saar Archive

LACMA Collectors Raise $3.1 Million for Saar, Asawa, & More

How's That Narrative Art Thing Coming?

FX's "Trust" Imagines Getty Bidding for the Elgin Marbles

Undermining the Museum

Desiderio's Kids

Getty Wins Export for Rubens' "Head of an African Man"

Lucas Got Bargain Price for "Shuffleton's Barbershop"

LACMA to Close European Galleries

At top: Joshua McElheny's An End to Modernity (2005) in MOCA's "Manny Farber and Termite Art."