Pop-Up Grotjahn Show at LACMA

ArtNews is reporting that LACMA will open a heretofore unannounced Mark Grotjahn show, "50 Kitchens," on May 20. The exhibition, just recently added to LACMA's website, had been preceded by some cryptic Instagram posts on Grotjahn's account.

"Mark Grotjahn: 50 Kitchens" is a series of 50 color drawings. Number titles seem to be a thing. It will be adjacent to "David Hockney: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life" on the top floor of BCAM.

Shown, a Hockney portrait (of Bing McGilvray) and a Grotjahn Kitchen.


Mattia Nuzzo said…
It's really a stunning show. Fills the space with an incredible feeling (the newly cleaned ceiling certainly helps).

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