What Part of "Selfie" Don't You Understand?

"The Kusama infinity mirror rooms are not the first time in art history that artwork has been subject to a popular misconception or interpretation of the work that is not exactly what the artist fully intended."

"Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors" has opened to long first-day lines at DC's Hirshhorn Museum. That's the show that's coming to the Broad in October 2017. A Washington Post article frets that Instagram-stoked mobs are unable to appreciate the nuances of Kusama's art.

In The New York Times Roberta Smith writes, "The Infinity Mirror rooms are as dazzling as can be, but they are also Kusama Lite… too in step with our narcissistic times." Smith says the show "sanitizes Ms. Kusama; it gives very little sense of her psychological problems or of her genuine wildness, a glossing-over that may be necessary in the capital’s new climate."

The Washington Post's Maura Judkis offers this advice.

"So when the door shuts behind you in the mirror room, go ahead and take that selfie, but use the remainder of your time to search that infinite horizon for whatever it is you’re looking for: humility, awe, obliteration. You get only 30 seconds. Make them count."