Something Resembling Truth

In today's news: (1) The L.A. Times says Jasper Johns isn't doing interviews for his Broad exhibition, "Something Resembling Truth." (2) The New York Times has an interview with Johns on his Broad show. (3) Johns says he agreed to "Something Resembling Truth" because it would reach young viewers and "I like that it's free." (4) The NYT's Deborah Solomon informs Johns that tickets are $25. It's the Broad's permanent collection that's free. (5) Johns says "I don't think I knew that" and appears "perturbed."


Anonymous said…
Another embarrassing slip up from the LA Times. Hopefully, now that the newspaper is under new ownership, the LA Times can actually get interviews regarding actual LA news so that the NY Times can stop beating us to the punch.

Also, I must say I've been very impressed with The Broad's ambitions related to their exhibitions. Maybe the detached Norton Simon Museum and esoteric MOCA should take note.